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5Star Bank will be discontinuing the Telephone Banking Feature on February 1st, 2018

Telephone Banking @ 5Star:

5Star gives our customers many options to access their accounts with us. Telephone Banking is not only convenient but also very easy to use. Our Telephone Banking System lets you access your account information, provides our branch location and hours, and also details our current interest rates. For more questions about our Telephone Banking, please contact 5Star Bank and speak to a customer service representative today!

Below are step by step instructions on how to use our Telephone Banking System:

  1. First time users will call 1-800-776-2265, press option for phone/automated banking
  2. The telephone banking system will prompt you to choose checking or savings, whichever you are trying to access. (Money Market accounts are considered checking accounts)
  3. Enter your account number, press # when finished
  4. Your password when asked will be the last four digits of your SSN (first time users only)
  5. Once system has verified that it is you calling, it will prompt you to change your password/pin. (4 digit PIN)
  6. Automated system then gives you the option to hear your: your current balance, direct deposits, your most recent transactions,  any NSF transactions,  provides your current interest rate, and initiate transfers between your accounts.

Issues with Telephone Banking:

Give one of our representatives a call and we can work you through it.

1-800-776-2265 or 719-475-7827

*5Star Bank takes pride in keeping our customer’s information protected and secure. Therefore all telephone banking customers must call-in to the automated system at least once every 90 days or your account will become inactive. If your account has become inactive please call any of the customer service representatives above and they will be happy to reset your telephone banking.