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How do I change my address??

Download a Change of Address form, located here, fill it out, sign it, and mail it in to us. Alternatively, you may mail us a letter, containing your address, account information, and your signature, explaining you'd like us to update your address on file.

How do I close my account/CD??

Come see us if you're local, or you may mail us a letter, containing your account information and your signature, that explains how and when you would like to close the account.

How do I add/remove another account owner? Beneficiaries??

Adding new owners to a personal account only takes an application and copies of ID for the person being added. Once added, they CANNOT be removed; the account must be closed and a new account opened.? To add a beneficiary, please include copies of ID along with a completed beneficiary form and bring/mail in.

What are my DAILY debit card limits??

$1,000 for Point of Sale Purchases?. $300 for ATM Withdrawal.

How do I find my routing/account number??

Our routing number is 307087713.? Your account number* can be found on your checks/deposit slips as the 10-digit number in the bottom center. It can also be found at the top of your monthly statement.

*If you don’t know your account number and you call the bank to retrieve it, we are not allowed to give your account number over the phone. We have no way of verifying 100% that it is you and we only do this to safe guard ALL of your information.

How do I order new checks??

Call, write, email, come in — or just order online from your computer. Ordering checks is quick and easy!

What do I need in order to perform a wire transfer??

Your first step is filling out a Wire Transfer Agreement; you can pick one up from any branch, or we can have one sent out to you.? Once a Wire Transfer Agreement has been completed, each time you send a wire you will need:?    

  • Name and Address of the recipient
  • Name and Address of the receiving bank
  • A copy of ID (for in-person wires) or your Wire Pin (for phone/email wires)   
  • $20 fee for Domestic wires and $40 fee if sending internationally

How do I opt-out of receiving statements??

If you don't have online banking, you're going to need to get registered!? Once signed up for online banking, and familiar with the login process, login to the main page.? Navigate to your account settings and check the box allowing you to go paperless.? Presto! Fewer trees will suffer on your behalf.

I have a 5Star Visa Card, what is the number for questions related to my Credit Card?


How do I report a lost or stolen card?

Report Lost or Stolen Credit Cards

24 hours a day, call: 800-821-5184

Report Lost or Stolen Debit / ATM Cards

24 hours a day, email or call:  800-776-2265